Chris Gray - volunteer at The Elizabeth Foundation for Preschool Deaf Children
Chris Gray

Chris volunteers to help our management, fundraising and finance teams with a range of activities. He has also completed his MiDAS training so also volunteers as a minibus driver for trips. Like all our volunteers, Chris is DBS Checked and brings a wealth of skills and talents to the charity.

Chris’s story

“I was introduced to The Elizabeth Foundation by series of accidents.

“Christine (my partner and fellow volunteer) had a friend who was running the Great South Run and we went along to give moral support. I did not realise at the time but her efforts, and that of a couple of her friends, were part of raising funds in support of the Foundation. Then Christine’s daughter Laura, decided to do the Spinnaker Tower abseil challenge to raise funds for the Foundation.

“Having met Julie and Fiona at these events and talked to them about the work that The Elizabeth Foundation did and how it was funded, I decided to try and help by getting my Masonic Lodge to support them by donating funds to this worthy cause.

“As part of meeting Julie and Fiona, we were given an open invite to visit the facilities and see what The Elizabeth Foundation was all about first hand.

“I defy anyone not to be moved in the manner that Christine and I were during that visit. Seeing the children interacting with each other and the staff was a joy and recognising that they were conversing like any other child of their age, CONFIDENTLY!!!!, but with the help of technology and dedicated professional staff. Smiles all round, enthusiasm in abundance, how could you not be moved to want to help?

“So here I am, nearly nine months into my volunteering role and enjoying every minute. The volunteering has taken me out of my comfort zones on occasions, but the variety of tasks that I have done from writing policies to driving the minibus for outings with groups of kids and teaching staff. Well, happy days!

“So lots of variety of tasks to undertake, conversations with friends and family that now include anecdotes of my days at the Foundation and the little bit I do to help The Elizabeth Foundation do what it does best, ensuring that profoundly deaf children are learning to speak and listen in the most fabulous of surroundings.”

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